Five reasons for conducting a building inspection

Building inspections are an important step when buying or selling a property or building a new home. It offers valuable insights into the structural integrity and condition of a property. We uncover some main reasons why this process is imperative. 

1. To uncover hidden issues

A thorough building inspection can reveal hidden defects in a property that are not immediately apparent to the naked eye. These issues may include structural damage, dampness, faulty roofing, or an outdated electrical system. Identifying these problems early through a building inspection can save a substantial amount of money and effort down the line. It also ensures that buyers can make an informed decision as they are armed with a comprehensive understanding of the property’s condition. 

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Moreover, building inspections aren’t merely about identifying problems, but can also ensure that the property complies with the building codes and safety standards which is vital in avoiding legal troubles that might arise from non-compliance.

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2. It influences negotiating power

The insights gathered from a building inspection report can be a powerful tool in real estate negotiations. Understanding the extent of repairs or renovations required can substantively empower buyers to negotiate a fairer price reflective of the property’s condition. For instance, if the inspection uncovers significant roof damage or foundational issues, a buyer could reasonably request a reduction in the property’s price or ask the seller to make repairs before the transaction proceeds.

For sellers, providing a recent building inspection report can enhance trust and transparency in the transaction, potentially aiding the selling process. It reassures potential buyers about the condition of the property, diminishing the likelihood of unpleasant surprises that could derail a sale.

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Our building inspectors will conduct a comprehensive building inspection when buying or selling a property, or building a new home.

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3. To plan for future costs

A detailed building inspection helps prospective homeowners or property investors plan for future expenses. The report can give an idea of the lifespan of major components such as the roof, plumbing, heating, and electrical systems. This helps in setting aside a budget for anticipated updates or improvements.  

Knowing these details in advance also enables property owners to create a maintenance schedule that can prolong the life of these components and avoid major costly repairs. 

4. It ensures safety

One of the primary reasons for conducting a building inspection is to ensure the safety of those occupying the property. Issues such as mould, asbestos, structural failures, and faulty electrical systems can pose serious health and safety risks. A professional building inspection will identify and address these matters promptly. 

5. It affects property value

For the seller

If the building inspection reveals minimal to no issues, it can positively impact the property’s value as it shows the property has been well maintained. This can increase the buyer’s trust and confidence in the property’s condition, possibly enhancing its value or ensuring a quicker sale. Moreover, if the inspection report is favourable, the seller can use it as a tool to justify the asking price. 

On the flip side, a building inspection could potentially decrease a property’s value if significant defects or issues are found. The seller may then need to decrease the asking price or invest in repairs. The seller might lose some negotiation power if the inspection report identifies considerable issues.

For the buyer

A positive building inspection provides the buyer with peace of mind regarding the property’s condition, solidifying their decision to purchase and the value they see in the property.

A clean inspection report could attract more potential buyers, making it more challenging for the buyer to secure the property.

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Whether you’re buying, building or selling, the insights provided by a professional building inspection can guide your decisions and strategies effectively. SURE Building Inspections offers detailed and reliable services in Western Australia. We can help uncover the true condition of your property, aiding you in making informed decisions.

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