Practical Completion Inspection Perth

Our Perth inspectors thoroughly inspect each and every area of your new property for potential defects. Having these issues fixed early saves you and your builder time and money.


What’s involved in a Perth Practical Completion Inspection

A Practical Completion Inspection happens towards the end of the new build after the property is fit for occupation and work has been completed as per the build contract.

The items we usually inspect in these inspections are:

  • Roof coverings
  • External areas
  • Internal areas
  • Roof cavity
  • Verify termite treatment
  • Testing of all accessible windows & doors
  • Take note of all damage, nicks and dents to window glass and frames, tiles, shower frames, mirrors, cabinetry, handles, benchtops, toilets & sinks

Don’t know what building inspection you need for your Perth property?

No problem! Give our friendly team a call and we will be able to guide you through the process to ensure you book the right building inspection for your needs.

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Why a Perth Practical Completion Inspection is important

New build inspections provide an opportunity to identify any potential defects in your new home so that they can be rectified immediately. This will save you and your builder time and money in the long run making it the most critical inspection conducted throughout the build of a new home.

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Perth Practical Completion Inspection cost

At SURE Building Inspections our pricing for Practical Completion Inspection depends on the requirement. All prices are inclusive of GST.

The Practical Completion Inspection is completed to identify outstanding work, damage and poor workmanship to the property before handover occurs.

Service Price
1 Bedroom$495
2 Bedrooms$550
3 Bedrooms$605
4 Bedrooms$660
5 Bedrooms$715
6 Bedrooms$770
7 Bedrooms or moreCall for a quote

Perth Practical Completion Inspection FAQs

A Practical Completion Inspection should occur when the house is technically habitable. The builder will usually let you know when this time is approaching so that a time for this inspection can be arranged.

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Purchasing or building a property in Perth is a significant investment. At SURE Building Inspections, we are qualified professionals, who conduct detailed and thorough inspections, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. We guarantee that you will be glad you chose SURE Building Inspections to conduct your building inspection for your Perth property.