Comprehensive Home Inspection Perth

We help you find hidden defects on your Perth property which may end up being expensive maintenance headaches.

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What’s involved in a Comprehensive Inspection in Perth

The Structural and Non-Structural Building Inspection completed in accordance with AS4349.1-2007 Annexure C which identifies structural defects that impact the integrity of the building and maintenance defects to non-structural elements of the building and site (up to 30m away). The areas to be inspected, as applicable include:

  • Roof frame
  • Load bearing walls
  • Subfloor structures
  • Concrete slab/footings
  • Driveway, paths and steps
  • Fences and retaining walls
  • Surface drainage
  • Pergolas and decking
  • Granny flats and sheds
  • Doors and windows
  • Facia, barge board and eaves
  • Roof cover, gutters, downpipes
  • Plumbing drains, taps and toilets
  • Cabinets, vanities and mirrors
  • Shower screens and baths
  • Appliances, lights and air-conditioning
  • Vents, skylights, insulation and sarking

The inspection also includes the Timber Pest Inspection completed in accordance with AS4349.3-2010.

Don’t know what building inspection you need for your Perth property?

No problem! Give our friendly team a call and we will be able to guide you through the process to ensure you book the right building inspection for your needs.

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Why conduct a Perth Comprehensive Home Inspection

A Comprehensive Home Inspection will allow you to make a completely informed decision on the Perth property you are about to purchase. It will give you an accurate look at the current condition of the house and potentially allow you to estimate the costs involved in getting the property to where you want it to be.

At SURE Building Inspections Perth, we recommend this inspection if you want as much detail as possible about the investment you are about to make. Refer to AS4349.1-2007 Annexure C and AS4349.3-2010 for more details.

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Perth Comprehensive Home Inspection Costs

At SURE Building Inspections Perth our pricing for a Perth Comprehensive Inspection depends on the building size. All prices are inclusive of GST.

Our Comprehensive Inspection combines our Structural Inspection with our Timber Pest Inspection, but also includes inspection and reporting of non-structural items, fixed appliances and lights. The completed inspections are provided in the same report file in accordance with AS4349.1 Annexure C and AS4349.3.

Service Price
1 Bedroom$600
2 Bedrooms$625
3 Bedrooms$650
4 Bedrooms$675
5 Bedrooms$700
6 Bedrooms$725
7 Bedrooms or moreCall for a quote

Detailed Comprehensive Inspection report

Once your SURE Building inspector completes a thorough check of your Perth property they will fill in a detailed Comprehensive Inspection report, which will be sent to the buyer on the same day of the inspection.

Our reports give you, the buyer, peace of mind by stating the condition of the property and outlining any defects or issues that need to be attended to.

Our team of inspectors in Perth are available 12 months after the initial Comprehensive Inspection to guide you through the report and answer any additional questions you may have.


Perth Comprehensive Building Inspection FAQs

During a Comprehensive Inspection on a Perth property, the inspector will analyse each area outlined in the inspection criteria. Refer to AS4349.1-2007 Annexure C and AS4349.3-2010 for more details. A final report will outline any defects, issues, or anything else impacting the Perth property’s condition.

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Purchasing or building a property in Perth is a significant investment. At SURE Building Inspections, we are qualified professionals, who conduct detailed and thorough inspections, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. We guarantee that you will be glad you chose SURE Building Inspections to conduct your building inspection for your Perth property.