Timber Pest Inspection Perth

All of our Perth building inspectors use state-of-the-art equipment designed to identify termites and other timber pests without leaving marks or holes in the property.


What’s involved in a Timber Pest Inspection in Perth

At SURE Building Inspections Perth, our experienced Perth building inspectors will start by inspecting the yard of your property, looking at wooden fences, trees and logs for any signs of termite activity in the yard.

Then they will check the exterior of your property before moving inside where they inspect roof voids and subfloor timber under your house (if accessible) for evidence of a current termite infestation or existing termite damage on your Perth property.

Other key areas inspected as part of your Perth Timber Pest Inspection include:

  • Architraves
  • Door and window frames
  • Skirting boards
  • Walls
  • Cabinetry
  • Moisture testing
  • Roof frame
  • Floors

Don’t know what building inspection you need for your Perth property?

No problem! Give our friendly Perth team a call and we will be able to guide you through the process to ensure you book the right building inspection for your needs.

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Why are Timber Pest Inspections important?

A single termite colony is made up of millions of termites that can cause serious damage to your property in a matter of months, resulting in hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of repairs. According to the CSIRO, 1 in 3 Australian homes will be affected by timber pest activity, including termites and white ants, at some point which is why it is crucial to get a professional timber pest inspection completed regularly and prior to purchasing a new house. Refer to AS4349.3-2010 for more details.

If you are purchasing a property in Perth, we recommend our Combined Inspection which includes our Timber Pest Inspection with a Structural Inspection. This will arm you with all the information you need to confidently purchase.

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Perth Timber Pest Inspection cost

At SURE Building Inspections Perth our pricing for Perth Timber Pest Inspections depends on the building size. All prices are inclusive of GST.

The Timber Pest Inspection is completed in accordance with AS4349.3-2010 and includes the inspection for termites, borers, wood rot and chemical delignification damage or activity to timber in the building or on the site (up to 30m away). Areas conducive to termite activity including high risk areas are identified and reported. Susceptibility of the property and its location to termite attack is reported. Recommendations are made regarding future termite inspection intervals and treatment.

Service Price
1 Bedroom$200
2 Bedrooms$215
3 Bedrooms$230
4 Bedrooms$245
5 Bedrooms$260
6 Bedrooms$275
7 Bedrooms or moreCall for a quote

Detailed Perth Timber Pest Inspection report

Once your SURE Building inspector completes a thorough check of your Perth property they will fill in a detailed Timber Pest Inspection report, which will be sent to the buyer on the same day of the inspection.

Our reports give you, the buyer, peace of mind by stating the condition of the property and outlining any defects or issues that need to be attended to.

Our team of inspectors in Perth are available 12 months after the Termite Inspection to guide you through the report and answer any additional questions you may have.


Perth Timber Pest Inspection FAQs

Our Timber Pest Inspection in Perth looks for evidence of current or previous termite activity both in the house and the surrounding property. This includes the inspection of architraves, cabinetry, door and window frames, moisture testing, skirting boards, roof frame, walls, and floors. Refer to AS4349.3-2010 for more details.

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Purchasing or building a property in Perth is a significant investment. At SURE Building Inspections, we are qualified professionals, who conduct detailed and thorough inspections, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. We guarantee that you will be glad you chose SURE Building Inspections to conduct your building inspection for your Perth property.